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How to get to Melissani Cave

Visiting Melissani Cave is very easy as it is on the north east coast of Kefalonia, the most beautiful of the Ionian islands, with good road access all the way until very close to the cave.  And with the excellent local flights available it is just two hours from Athens, including flight and drive, to visit this awesome sight.

From Athens

Flights run every morning on Olympic air, departing at 5:15 in the morning and taking just an hour you can spend the day on the island, exploring the cave and the coasts, and still be back in time for dinner in the city.

To/From the Airport

Take a taxi from the airport to Argostoli, and then from Argostoli to Sami, and then a taxi to Karavomylos, which is just minutes away from the cave.

Or take a taxi all the way, which will cost approximately 50 euros.

Every taxi on the island is familiar with this route

As well as taking a public taxi from the rank at the airport it is also possible to book taxi or transfer cars in advance.  While not strictly necessary this can avoid any concern about arriving.

Check out the prices at these two local taxi companies, and

From Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island, with golden sands, blue green clear water and open views. There are simply facilities including parking and beach chairs and umbrellas available.

To visit the cave from the beach is a simple trip as the beach is on the north side of the island and only about 16km from the cave. If you are self driving then just follow the clear signs towards Sami. The road goes through the pass with hills on both sides until you reach the east coast at the town of Agia Effimia, then follow the coast.

Just a few minutes before Sami the road passes through the much smaller quiet town of Karavomylos.

The turning to the cave is the first right turning before reaching the houses of Karavomylos itself.  There is a good signpost clearly stating Melissani Lake.  Drive for a few meters between houses until a small path shows on your right again, also signposted clearly.

There is a small orthodox Christian cemetery on your right and about 20 meters past that on your left is the parking place for the cave entrance.




Alternatively consider taking an arranged tour to visit the cave that will include transfers, local guide and meals.