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There are a great many sights to be seen on and around the area of the cave.  The whole island is of course extremely historic and one could spend a lifetime just exploring the old villages and the countryside.  But here are a few highlights of things to see around the island but particularly in this area, and so which may be a good idea to combine in a trip to the cave.


Visit the church Cefalonia: Karav�mylos (Καραβόμυλος), just beside the lake in Karavomilos.

Acropolis of Sami 

One of the oldest man made structures on the island, the Acropolis of Sami is actually part of the old city wall and defenses.  Now entirely ruined it is still possible to make out the outlines of the original structures.  Visit as much for the hike and the wonderful views over the city as anything else.  Head east out of Sami on foot headed towards Antisami and watch out for the signs on the right pointing up the hill

Other caves

The other major cave of the island is the Drongarati Cave which is a great place to see stalagmites and stalactites. Discovered over 300 years ago it was used by the community of Haliotat, and was opened to the public, like Melissani, in the year 1963.  Only about 6 km away it is an hour walk, though uphill, or a 10 minute drive to visit this other great cave.  If driving follow signs for Chaliotata, but go slowly and look out for the right hand turn that is marked with a blue road sign to Drongarati.

File:Waterfront in Sami on Kefalonia.jpgWalk along the water front in Sami where you can see the brightly painted boats, both traditional and modern, as well as the buildings typical of the area.  Eat in one of the many restaurants and cafes to experience a taste of how the local live, though with English menus and good imported beers as well!




Around the island:

Assos Castle or Fortress

There is no entry fee to go into this ruined fortress, also known as Asos Fortress, which was first built in 1593 by the Venetians and so is considered a part of the "modern" history of Greece.  Located on a headland command a fine view over the bay it is a low stone structure which is well preserved in parts while others have collapsed.

A great place to take a picnic and enjoy the views and the views as you soak up yet another part of the history of the island.

One of the more northerly parts of the island, it is about 35 km and one hour drive north of the caves.

Closed attractions:

Archaeological Museum of Argostoli - Here you can see some of the artifacts which were discovered in the cave during the excavations of the 1960s prior to it being opened to the public. Plates, statues and other items relating to the worship of Pan and the nymph Melissani after whom the cave is named can be found displayed here.  The museum is currently closed due to damage from the earthquake, see the website for future opening. website